Latest Products Latest Products Wed, 28 Sep 2022 11:28:01 +0530 en-us Palanhaar Dalia Mon, 12 Jul 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Palanhaar Dalia is loaded with high fibre and good source of magnesium which helps in maintaining the cholesterol level of the body and is thus healthy for the heart. It also help in weight loss and low on calories.   Palanhaar Dalia is easy to cook and can be added to many dishes like Vegetable dalia, khichdi, lapsi etc. so add Palanhaar Dalia in your daliy diet. Palanhaar Besan Mon, 12 Jul 2021 00:00:00 +0530 We Indians are fond of sweets and spicy foods dishes and Gram flour is the best flour for that purpose, it is well known as Besan which is an important ingredient used to make versatile preparations round the year such as Indian cuisine, Asian and Middle East cuisine dishes like sweet ladoos ,spicy pakoodas and many more. It is a protein rich source and counted as a boon for weight loss, it helps in controlling your sugar levels and is tasty as well. To enhance and maintain the taste of India, Palanhaar has bought in Besan from the finest Gram dal, chick pea, Bengal gram. Palanhaar Chakki Fresh Atta Mon, 12 Jul 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Handpicked from India’s finest wheat fields, Palanhaar Chakki Fresh Atta is made with 100% atta and 0% maida which complements your Ghar ka khana perfectly. You can differentiate these fiber-rich chapattis with your five senses, their superior quality taste, soft touch, fascinating aroma and fluffy look are words of appreciation bound to come your way.   Palanhaar Chakki Fresh Atta is premium quality agro wheat flour, its protein rich and high in fiber content. Our Atta is prepared by our specialists using traditional stone grinding techniques and optimal quality ingredients, this product is extensively available by our clients from the commercial sectors. Right from the packaging to the refined quality of the silky flour, Palanhaar ensures a healthy addition to your diet. Our first and foremost priority is the end consumer. We truly care about your health as much as you do, which is why we proffer you with the best quality. Palanhaar Maida Mon, 12 Jul 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Palanhaar Sooji Mon, 12 Jul 2021 00:00:00 +0530